Luce Lamoureux


You are interested in a work and you want a frame.

Floating frames used are brown wood (expresso no 21).
But it is also possible to have other colors.
See below the color chart

I propose you 2 types of frame for the regular canvas (1/2in.)

Series 41. The molding has a width of 1 1/4in. (Add total of 3 1/4 in. to the work)
Series 306. The molding has a width of 5/8 in. (Add total of 2 inches to the works)

For works made on a gallery canvas (1,5 inches)

You can install the work without framing because my paintings are painted on the sides.
But if you want the work to be framed,
I use a shadow boxes type No. 241. This molding will cover the whole side of the work

Example of a 41 series espresso frame